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1. Division of Duty

a. Owner Master command ship in bridge.
b. Chief mate assist Master in bridge

2. Inspection Before Leaving Port
Master have to accept report of  amount of cargo and check equipment of preparation leave port according to procedure. Ship may not leave port till Master decide ship ready for sailing.
Things following which must be checked, to be noted and kept :

a. Check equipment and readiness of crew.
b. Accepting information of officer in charge of about other wafting goods and cargo which lionized
c. Situation of ship building, engines, draining system [in] deck, steering gear, equipment clinch, equipment of anchor, safety appliances, equipment of radio, equipment of other equipment and navigation
d. Bunkering, lubricating oil, provisions, freshwater, drugs
e. Completion of task of cargo and cordage of peripatetic goods
f. Check navigation book and chart
g. Check stability, draft of ship
h. Check the condition of waterproof windows and doors (fire exit have to believe can be opened from within and there no barrier)
i. Collecting weather data and other information which required for navigation
j. Check document (including acceptance Port Clearance, etc)
k. Check Attempt of Start Main Engine and Steering Gear

Before executing attempt of main engine start, Master have to advise duty engineer. Miscellaneous which must be checked previously is :

a. 1. Area abaft ship have to be free
2. Mooring line have to in a state of is boisterous
b. After point 1 to 2 above checked, reporting to bridge
c. During attempt of engine, situation around stern have to perceive better
d. Steering gear to be test-drive 0 – 3 P – 35 S execute until twice, perceive indicator drive in bridge and in steering gear room
e. Officer which reside in stern may not leave its duty till he accept signal of bridge that attempt of engine have been executed

Before entering port, Master have to preparing in detail plan bow to enter port. In addition Master have to prepare the followings :

1. Prepare handling of and embarkation of debarkation
2. Mooring line have to be prepared at side estimated to lean
3. Check equipment of navigation according to instruction to enter port
4. If signal directing of dock needed, prepare flag signal
5. Executing inspection of item 2, number item ( 3), ( 4), ( 5) (leaving port)


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