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RULE 13 Overtaking

(a) Notwithstanding anything contained in the Rules of Part B,Sections I and II, any vessel overtaking any other shall keep out ofthe way of the vessel being overtaken.

(b) A vessel shall be deemed to be overtaking when coming up withanother vessel from a direction more than 22.5 degrees abaft herbeam, that is, in such a position with reference to the vessel she isovertaking, that at night she would be able to see only the sternlightof that vessel but neither of her sidelights.

(c) When a vessel is in any doubt as to whether she if overtakinganother, she shall assume that this is the case and act accordingly.

(d) Any subsequent alteration of the bearing between the two vesselsshall not make the overtaking vessel a crossing vessel within themeaning of these Rules or relieve her of the duty of keeping clear ofthe overtaken vessel until she is finally past and clear.

Please see the movie how to overtaking procedure as per the rule 13 /Thank ridwan garcia

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